Different types of carbohydrates as (good) energy

For energy can also make proteins, but the body prefers carbohydrates and fats as the main energy source. In food, carbohydrates are found in a variety of products in the form of starch, sugars, and fibers. After conversion of carbohydrates into glucose, the body gets through the combustion energy required. Carbohydrates are therefore needed to move and to be able to absorb nutrients and digest. Also, carbohydrates are required for this to work the nervous system and the muscles. By the Health advised 40 – to reach 70% of energy from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates have a great influence on the blood sugar level in the body. Some carbohydrates provide a very rapid rise in blood sugar levels and therefore insulin in the blood. Other carbohydrates more slowly to recommend their release energy and are therefore earlier.



All carbohydrates are sugars, in principle, and therefore consist of one or more sugar molecules (polysaccharides). Further, they consist of carbon atoms that are committed with hydrogen and oxygen. The body converts carbohydrates from food offered to glucose (blood sugar). This, in turn, gives a signal to the pancreas to deliver insulin to the blood. The hormone insulin regulates the glucose level in the blood. It works like a key with which the interior of a cell is opened so that the glucose can enter the cell in order there to generate energy. At that time, redundant and therefore toxic glucose is restricted stored for later use as glycogen in the liver and as fat in the muscle tissue. An excess of carbohydrates causes correspondingly much production of insulin.

Types of carbohydrates in food

Carbohydrates are found in the diet as:

  • Sugars: Honey, natural sugars such as fruit, cane sugar, and syrup
  • Fibers in apples, citrus and many other fruits, beans, barley, oats and green leafy vegetables
  • Starch: in fruits, grains, vegetables and legumes


The sugar sweetener is extracted by refining beet and sugar (granulated). Also, the sugar from the plant is dissolved in hot water and purified by re-crystallization and filtration. Also, one knows, among other things, from fruit sugar (fructose), milk sugar (lactose), malt sugar (maltose), dextrose (glucose), and starch. All sugars contain approximately the same amount of calories. All this provides energy but provides the body with no minerals, fiber, and vitamins. The function of sugar is partly raised in the form of sweetener, flavoring agent, binder, preservatives, and flavoring agent.

By cleavage of the sugars into fructose and glucose, followed by the conversion of the fructose in a glucose unit, is digestion possible? After that, the glucose is transported via the bloodstream as a blood sugar to all cells in the body, which require energy. An excess of sugars from carbohydrates is converted by bacteria in the mouth into an acid, which is detrimental to the tooth enamel and can lead to holes in the teeth and molars. Incidentally, sugar is in (to) detected many products. For example, it is added to meats, canned beans and on virtually all packaged foods. Also, the total consumption of sweetener, however, is much higher due to the addition of aspartame, fructose, honey and malt syrup of food.


These consist of a large group of components and can be differentiated into whether or not soluble fibers in water. The majority of the fruit and vegetables containing water-soluble fibers, and insoluble fibers in water. Soluble fibers slow the absorption of carbohydrates and also the slow release of sugars into the blood stream. In contrast, passing the non-soluble fibers, such as nuts, fruit peels, rice bran and the intestines without having to solve. A high fiber diet is helpful to check blood sugar, lowers cholesterol levels and also ensures an easy bowel movement. If that one is not accustomed to high-fiber food is possible because of abdominal pain and flatulence better not to proceed with a drastic change, but to increase fiber intake gradually. Start with soluble fiber and drink while lots of water between meals.


It consists of a chain of more than three thousand glucose molecules. It is a binder of food products and is formed by a mixture of two polysaccharides: amylose and amylopectin. While amylose is the smallest but also the most important kind. It comes in proportion to amylopectin 150 x as many for into the body. Both types comprise moreover glucose molecules. Starch is in heating mode soluble in water and using hydrolytic enzymes are recovered various starch sugars. These sugars can be distinguished in glucose syrups and dextrose, the latter of which allows for fully converted glucose.

Also, from glucose via the enzyme glucose isomerase it twice will be created as sweet fructose. Glucose is further a raw material for the production of polyols (such as sorbitol), bio-ethanol, citric acid and ascorbic acid.


Breakdown of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can be divided into:

  • simple carbohydrates
  • carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates

The carbohydrates provide almost immediately for a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. In that case, there will be as much as glucose-free that the body is unable to use or process immediately. The excess glucose is then to a small extent in the liver and muscles as glycogen stored. The major part is converted in the body to and stored as fat. THEREFORE leads the consumption of excess sugars to fat.

Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates, according to most experts by their longer chain simple sugars more complicated by the body to digest than the shorter chains of simple carbohydrates. Thereby slowly they give off sugars, causing adverse effects are often omitted on blood sugar. Indigestible fibers are thereby ensuring proper functioning of the intestines. Also, take complex carbohydrates as opposed to the shorter single version or nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and fibers in.

In addition to the division of simple and complex carbohydrates can be carbohydrates also subdivide into:

  • refined carbohydrates
  • unrefined carbohydrates

Unrefined carbohydrates are unprocessed carbohydrates such as they occur in nature. Refined carbohydrates are processed on all sides by the manufacturers.

The occurrence of excessive refined carbohydrates

If desired, the unrefined carbohydrates may be refined and processed, wherein the food, however, looses very much of its nutritional value. A large part of the essential nutrients and fiber will be lost. All this is only partially offset by producers to enrich these products with small amounts of synthetic vitamins and minerals and treating them with chemical preservatives and other artificial additives. Refined carbohydrates are anyway less healthy because they contain fewer vitamins, minerals, and fiber than unprocessed carbohydrates.

From refined carbohydrates have been removed all the fiber and nutrients, creating a sophisticated (refined) product. This product is then enriched with some synthetic vitamins and minerals. After digestion, these carbohydrates like glucose in the blood and this glucose is quickly absorbed by the tissues, which burn.

In the nineties of the last century was in fact already recommended to minimize refined carbohydrates to eat. But because more women were in the workforce and therefore had less time for household chores such as cooking, it was nevertheless a revival of consumption of refined foods in the form of ready-to-eat products.

Also, speed is important that certain carbohydrate feed is converted by the body into glucose (sugar). This speed of reaction is expressed regarding a glycemic index (GI), whereby the rise of the blood sugar 90 minutes after eating food is kept. One and another in comparison with, for example, the conversion of glucose.

The arrangement of food in the glycemic index

Food products which score high in this index (over 55) are often described as poor. They burden the pancreas and are fattening. The inclusion of these carbohydrates is slowed, if your protein and fat while eating refined foods. Also, there are sharp fluctuations in blood pressure and prevent insulin levels. Products with a listing of under 55 in the GI index, however, are much healthier because then converted sugars (glucose) and insulin is slowly and steadily release. Thus, a sustained flow of energy comes from the consumption of these products freely without exhibiting these peaks. It would be ideal if the low recorded food would provide 2/3 of the total calories. Anno 2016, most nutritionists recommend a diet that is rich in plant nutrients and grains and low in saturated fats and sugar.

Various diets for good health

The Mediterranean diet

These traditional healthy diet approaches are the closest most ideal diet. It contains a well-balanced omega six / omega three ratios, is rich in fruits and vegetables, fish, meat from grass-eating animals, walnuts, wild honey, and is low in saturated fats. In addition, this diet fits perfectly with the current nutrition science, not the amount of fat, but the type of fat is important for health. The benefits of the Mediterranean diet include:

  • it contains plenty of whole grains (with the advantage of cereals is not everyone recognized, please refer to the Paleo diet)
  • it is low in refined carbohydrates
  • it prefers fish over meat and cheese over milk
  • it uses olive oil and lots of omega-3 fatty acids from vegetables, nuts, fish and seeds
  • it is easy to prepare, and also includes further a great variety of flavors
  • it promotes eating fresh, unprocessed foods and therefore contains a lot of fiber and phytonutrients


Are plant substances that provide protection against toxins, radiation, and pollution. The majority of plant foods (grains, vegetables, and legumes) is also extremely rich in phytonutrients. Other good products are buckwheat, peas, barley, millet, corn, peanuts, rye and soy beans. Sometimes phytonutrients in concentrated and synthetic form added to foods.

The Paleo diet

It allowed all meat and fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, potatoes, fresh nuts, legumes, water in bottles and pure vegetable oil. Not allowed are: all grains and sugars, milk and dairy products, all canned or processed foods, eggs, alcohol, coffee and tea, dried fruits, and tap water. This diet is so eaten very little carbohydrates.

The Atkins diet

This diet, devised by Atkins about the year 1970, provides for a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fats. Anno 2016, however, this diet is not as popular, partly because critics believe that following this diet can lead to heart and kidney problems.

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet was developed in the nineties by the American biochemist Dr. Barry Sears and is based on keeping the balance of insulin levels. One and another by a balanced intake of carbohydrates and proteins, and the avoidance of an intake of foods with a high content of carbohydrates / refined sugars. Users of all these diets claim to have benefited, but scientific evidence is lacking in this.


Disadvantages of an over-consumption of refined carbohydrates

The consumption of large amounts of refined carbohydrates usually goes hand in hand with a reduced intake of minerals, vitamins, and fibers. As a result, however, there is an increase in the number of cases of (bowel) cancer and stroke. A and another because the consumption of carbohydrates stimulates the production of insulin. Chronically high insulin levels can lead besides the listed diseases to include heart attacks and thyroid problems. Also, this is applicable in diabetes is type 2, in which is also often a disordered lipid metabolism involved.


What happens to your eyes when you spend the day at your computer?


If it is not proven that the computer can alter our view of the long term, it is in any case certain that causes fatigue, irritation and pain in the eyes after heavy usage.

This is what is known as Computer Vision Syndrome. After a long day working on your computer, or hours spent surfing the internet and watching movies, you often do not have eyes in the face of the holes. Dry, tired and sometimes painful, your eyes are definitely experiencing the so-called computer vision syndrome, better known by its English name from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).


Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser – The most popular choice

Among variety of ways to use essential oil, diffusion is considered as the best way. As a result, there are many methods and devices to diffuse essential oil is invented, from terracotta, evaporate, lamp ring, steam diffusion, sandstone, etc. to other modern machine using electric power such as nebulizing, ultrasonic. And the highest recommended essential oil diffuser is ultrasonic due to its convenience of use, great quality, multiple functions and perfect safety.

Ultrasonic is innovative technology using electronic frequency for vibration of a disk placed under the water surface. This high-speed vibration will make the essential oil break into super tiny micro-molecular and diffuse them into the air. The operation of a motor inside the diffuser allows creating fast and continuous frequency to keep dispersing essential oil for hours. Ultrasonic diffuser is usually designed with large capacity which is able to hold a great amount of essential oil. Besides, ultrasonic diffuser use water to add to the oil, and that’s why it can be used as a humidifier to provide moisture for the room. With inventive design, ultrasonic is the perfect diffuser for aromatherapy.

Here are some reasons why ultrasonic diffuser is considered as the best choice so far:

  1. Creating fine mist of essential oil

The main purpose of diffusion is break down the essential oil into micro particles which is easy to absorb into our body through different ways such as inhaling, applying on skin, etc. And electric diffusers are always the best type in separating oil into super tiny micro-particles. However, the ability of breaking essential oil of ultrasonic is incredible. The high frequency of it can split essential oil into the smallest micro-particles. These minuscule molecules is filled in the whole large room, providing pleasant and relaxing  aroma and kill harmful factors such as mold, bacteria, viruses,… to clean up the atmosphere. These tiny molecules can easily go to our lung and then go to other parts of the body to do its therapeutic functions. And they also absorb directly on our skin for skincare, hair care and other beauty cares. Especially, ultrasonic diffuser can be used for all of essential oils on earth.

  1. Easy to use and clean

This innovative diffuser is designed to simplify the manipulation of customers. You just need to add water and few drops of essential oil into the holder, then cover up and put the “on” button. The machine will immediately do its job. When you start to use essential oil diffuser, you should turn the machine on about 15 -30 minutes per day and then increase the frequency. Of course, ultrasonic can handle 24-hour continuous running, but it is not necessary. You just need 15 minutes for an hour to save the energy and also essential oil.

The holder of ultrasonic diffuser is removable which is easy to take it off for cleaning. To wash it, you have to use vinegar or rubbing alcohol to remove the essential oil, then drain it in water again and let it dry before putting it back to the diffuser.

  1. Advanced multiple functions

A lot of ultrasonic diffusers have additional functions which is very helpful in process of using. Timer is the most important function because if the diffuser doesn’t have time setting, it can run all day and night and cause a huge waste of essential oil and energy. And other programs such as auto shut-up, full-load diffusion, light setting, different levels of diffusing, etc. are also very great for using.

  1. Essential oil saving

Normally, the quality of nebulizing and ultrasonic diffuser is equal. However, nebulizing diffuser use the 100% pure essential oil to disperse while ultrasonic diffuser mix with water (actually it is not really “mix” but float on water). Therefore, the drawback of nebulizing is that you have to use a large amount of essential oil, which is not economical for a long use.

In the meanwhile, using ultrasonic diffuser, you just need to add few drops of essential oil into water, and it can diffuse for 8-9 hours.

  1. Safety for children and use at night

Safety for children and use at night

Ultrasonic diffuser disperses essential oil without the use of high heat, so it saves for the family having children. Also, it is the most effective and safest device using at night to serve your sleep. Many people want to use essential oil for a better sleep at night and relaxing feeling, but some of the diffusers are not really safe such as heat diffuser, candle diffuser,… or some of other diffusers are really quick at the oil use (and the diffuser may run out of essential oil in the middle of night). However, ultrasonic with high capacity can diffuse for a very long time.

  1. Working as a humidifier

One of the most outstanding features of ultrasonic is its humidifying function. Normally, there is different between a diffuser and a humidifier. However, with ultrasonic diffuser, you can combine the two machines in only one. Because of using cool water, it can disperse both essential oil and mist into the air, providing moisture and aromatherapy at the same time. It is a great advantage of ultrasonic diffuser.

Home Dehumidifiers – Top Brand Reviews

You might not be able to do anything about the humidity outside of your home, but you can easily control the humidity inside your home with a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are appliances used in the home to reduce the amount of humidity in the air. Humidity in the air can cause health issues for people in the home and do damage to the home itself.

When the humidity level gets too high in the home it can cause potentially serious problems, such as mold and mildew to grow inside the home. High levels of humidity can also make it difficult to dry laundry or sleep easily. Dehumidifiers are generally portable enough for the average homeowner to be able to move from room to room as needed.

The most common type of dehumidifier is the mechanical/refrigerative dehumidifier. This type of dehumidifier usually reduces the humidity in the air by drawing humid air over a refrigerated coil with a fan. The cooler temperature inside the dehumidifier causes the water in the air to condense and be collected into some sort of bucket. After having moisture removed from it, the air is then reheated and released. The inverse process, for a space that is too dry, will require humidifiers and filters.

home dehumidifiers

Delonghi Dehumidifiers

DeLonghi dehumidifiers are a favorite with customers looking for a reliable dehumidifier to clear the air.

One of the popular features of DeLonghi dehumidifiers is their built in pumps. Having a built in pump means you can set it and forget about having to empty out buckets.

Energy efficient DeLonghi dehumidifiers operate at low temperatures which are ideal for basement situations where you tend to need a dehumidifier the most.

Investing in a high quality dehumidifier can prevent expensive problems, like having to deal with mold, down the line. Prevention is often cheaper that having to repair a problem and with DeLonghi dehumidifiers, prevention is very reasonably priced.

Frigidaire Dehumidifiers

If you have a big room or a big humidity problem you need Frigidaire dehumidifiers.

Powerful Frigidaire dehumidifiers dry out the larger rooms up to 3,000 square feet that other dehumidifiers can’t handle.

Depending on the model, Frigidaire dehumidifiers are capable of removing anywhere from 30 to 70 pints of water a day.

Frigidaire dehumidifiers are designed for convenience as well as effectiveness. Select models feature an easily washable filter that removes moisture and other airborne particles from the air.

This special filtering process is especially beneficial to people suffering from allergies.

For more whole house, basement and crawl space dehumidifier reviews, visit here: Just Dehumidifier – The Best Basement Dehumidifier Reviews

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About TENS Unit

Top 10 FAQ about TENS Unit

Acute pain and chronic pain is certainly one of the common problems which are faced by one and all. Given that reason, there have been numerous devices which have invented which solve the problem of pain giving the instant relief to the wearer. Professional TENS unit reviews proves that TENS Unit provides one of the best possible relief from pain causing problems. Since TENS unit is certainly one of the new technology, so there are certainly some of the queries which comes into the minds of the wearer. Here are certain commonly asked FAQ concerning TENS Unit.

1. What is TENS Unit?

TENS for painOne of the devices using electrotherapy as effective solutions for pain giving small doses of electric current to provide natural pain relief is TENS Unit. The machine is a small electronic device which delivers current with the help of electrodes placed on the skin and unlike pain killing drugs; it only affects the area which is causing the pain.

This unit is easy to use and provide quick relief from various pain causing problems. TENS unit sends impulses to the pain causing areas reducing or eliminating the pain which the patients feels.

2. How do TENS Units function?

With the help of electrical device, electrical impulses are transmitted to the surface of the skin. The unit with the help of electrode pads is connected to the pain causing surface of the ski. The units are available in various ranges and size in amount of power output. Some of them are small and powered by battery and can be hand held while others are big sometimes even desktop-sized. The unit can be given in both high and low frequency based on the intensity of the pain.

3. How are TENS machines used, and by whom?

TENS Machine can only be used on the advice of a doctor or health professional. They are certainly suitable for all types of pain conditions. TENS machines are used for people who suffer from musculoskeletal pain such as knee joint arthritis and back pain. In fact they are also used for pain relief in the various early stages of labor. There are common uses which include period pains, sports injuries and migraine headaches.

TENS machine can also be combined with other forms of treatment and might allow the reduction of painkilling medicines.

TENS unit for back pain

4. Can TENS Machine be used by everybody?

TENS machine helps to reduce pain from various muscles, nerves as well as joints. They work better for these problems rather than for chest, tummy or head problems. There are no side effects of using TENS Unit. However it should not be used without knowing the cause of pain or for pregnancy (except in labor) or pacemaker.

5. How effective are TENS machines?

There are two theories on which the success rate of the TENS unit depends. One is the gateway theory where electrical stimulation blocks pain which is effectively to the nerve endings.

The second theory is the one is the Endorphin- release theory. Here the electrical currents help to release endorphins which help the body’s nerve system to fight pain. The best possible relief from neck and back pain is provided by this theory without the prescription of any types of drugs.

6. How do I use a TENS unit?

Test the battery whether they are full charged. Operate the two control knobs and turn them off before using. Clean the place where the electrode will be placed and apply a thin coat of gel to the bottom of each electrode. Attach the electrode to your skin with the help of medical tape. Hook the pin connectors of the electrode wires to the electrode and then insert the wires into the TENS Unit. Turn the control knob to the correct settings, after which you should feel a tingling sensation. Place the TENS Unit in your belt and pocket.

7. When should one NOT use a TENS unit?

If one has a pacemaker implanted then it is certainly not advisable to use TENS Unit. Moreover this also should not be used by pregnant women and also by people who have a physiologic cause for the pain which is being experienced.

In case of chronic pain, it is advisable to consult a doctor before the treating the patients to the areas of pain before or after effectively using electrical stimulation in the various painful area.

8. How Long Can I Wear The TENS For?

One of the problems encountered in the medical field is that when a patient is told to use the TENS Unit for one hour and then off. That is not correct as it causes problem. TENS Unit can be used all the time right from sitting down, to trying to get a sleep at night to also various exercises like golfing and aerobics. If the pain return after turning it off then one should switch it back on. In short this machine can be used 24×7.

9. What should I do after the TENS treatment?

Turn the control knobs to the off position and unplug the electrode from the TENS Unit. You can leave the electrodes on your skin if you have a treatment soon. Clean the electrode properly with soap and water.

Remove the battery and place a charged one instead. Charge the battery which has been used.

10. Can I Take Other Medicines At The Same Time To Ease My Pain?

TENS Unit does not interfere with any other sort of medication which you may be taking for controlling pain. However after prolonged use of the TENS Machine, you may not need those pain killers and medications. Keep in touch with your doctor for a safe and proper treatment.

A proper TENS Unit comes with everything needed to start the kit for immediate use like electrode pads, lead wires, and a battery of 9 volt with the timer and instruction manual. Bring home a TENS Unit and get relief from pain.

TENS Unit – A Overview For Beginner

What is TENS?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a kind of massage machine using electric current with low frequency to treat disease, especially pains. On the market nowadays, TENS is produced and sold with various designs and lines that make customers confusing while making decision. This redaction will tell more about TENS product, way it works and its influence, thus helping you to choose TENS product wisely.

What is a TENS machineBefore knowing about TENS, let find out what low frequency is and how it impacts to our body. Inside our body, there are always existent of electric currents. Heart, brain, muscle, nerve and other organs, all of them radiate electric current but it is too weak to feel. In medicine, they were called “nerve-action current”. The nerve-action currents play an important role for operating function of the body. The lack of them is one of reasons that make our body to be tired, asthenic and imbalance and TENS’s work is to offset the lack of these currents in the body.

How does a TENS machine work?

TENS includes one machine which controlling voltage and electrodes. Electrodes is place at surface of user’s body depend on location of their pain. The current is traveled from anode (main machine) to cathode (electrodes), move into skin with purpose to stimulating specific nerve pathways to create pulses as well as massaging sensation. These currents move among anode and cathode mutually to modulate nerve-action currents, rebuilding the balance in user’s body. These pulses have influent to prevent the transmission of pain signal to brain by leading electric currents to pain area, stimulating our body to produce “Endorphin” as know as pain-killer. Also, it has another effect that helping muscle stretchy. This process helps muscles to be relaxed and increase pumping blood flow move to and contrarily. It was repeated again and again to stimulating the circulation of blood and supporting the body to reduce the pain.

TENS unit

TENS therapy was developed based on the “Gate Control Theory” that was researched and developed by Melzack and Wall. In their research, they realize that electricity plays an important part in reducing pain. The first practical test based on “Gate Control Theory” was conducted by Dr. Chris Wells. He state: “A TENS ….. is low intensity ….it doesn’t hurt and produces just a tingling sensation and a high frequency stimulation and is about 100 times per second”. This state is a positive signal and it is a first step for the development of TENS. TENS therapy is considered as a safe, noninvasive and free-drug treatment method. It is not only used to remove the pain but also used to prevent muscle atrophy and mend muscle after surgeries. Also it improve healing ability in injures and many other kind of pain. With modern and effective treatment method, TENS is become a popular product that is used by hundreds of millions of customer for the pain treatment. With same reason, almost doctor, nurse recommend that patients should to use TENS for the pain treatment. Recently, TENS therapy is widely used in the Americas and Europe for acute and chronic pain, acute pain from sports, labor, daily routine and arthritis…etc..

So you want a massage chair… What’s next?

In times of extreme cramps and aching what one needs is someone to massage and provide a timely relief. But what if one cannot find massager sometime? Massage chair is there to serve you in such moments.

choose massage chair

So you want a Massage Chair…What’s Next?

Are you wise enough to come up on the stage to take a decision of buying a massage chair for you? we appreciate you in this regard. But wait…in order to place your order for massage chair, you first need to be precise about certain things.

Do you know about Functions and Modes of Massage Chair?

Yes, this is the main thing you should be concerned about most. Because only then you will be able to understand, which chair along with what functions suits you. Massage chairs now have different types of modes and functions like tapping, rolling, patting, embracing etc. Some chairs have all the features some have a few of these.

Do you know what Brands are Appropriate?

In the current time, massage chairs are prepared by many brands including Panasonic, titan, Omega, Osaki, Infinity etc. Read online reviews about the products of these brands so that you have a proper idea that how can you get the best massage chair.

Have you drawn your Budget?

Your budget in the matter of purchasing massage chair has a great importance, because a number of massage chairs are available. Best massage chairs are those have all the possible functions but they are expensive too. So drawing your budget line will make it probable that which best massage chair can you buy being in your budget.

Willing to order Online?

Do you believe in online purchasing fashion? If yes then try amazon.com for ordering your massage chair. If you come under those boundaries where amazon provides home delivery for free then you can enjoy this facility as well for ordering a massage chair for you from amazon.

Massage Chair Buying Guide

Tips In Finding Your Suitable Massage Chair

After spending a lot of hours working during the day and getting your muscles all worked out, you will really want to relax those tense muscles to get yourself relieved of pains. With the introduction of massage chairs for home use, you no longer have to start searching for a spa or a massage therapist to massage your body. You can have one of these massage chairs work on your body and mimic exactly how professional therapists massage the body.

Suitable Massage Chair

Yes, there are massage chairs available in the market you can purchase and use at home. But not all chairs have the same quality. There are different types and designs of massage chairs and it’s imperative to settle for the most ideal one for your ultimate comfort.

How do you know which one is right for you and which one isn’t? It all boils down to choice and the type of massaging you desire. But this article is intended to point out the various features you will see in a massage chair to help you choose the best. If you are looking for the most ideal massage chair for your ultimate relaxation, read on to discover which option is most suitable for you.

How strong are the motors?

Suitable Massage Chair

The most important thing in a massage chair is the built or sturdiness of the motor. The motor is the mechanical device that powers all the movements of the massage chair. Generally, Japanese motors are considered more durable and are best for running massage chairs. They are properly assembled and can be used for several years without any issues. Also, the number of motors in a particular chair is also something to consider. It is always better to have a massage chair with few strong motors than having a massage chair with many low quality motors. This may result to some problems such as burnt-out engine, malfunctioning machine, and overheating components.

Consider the warranty

Consider the warranty

How long is the warranty of the product you want to buy? This is very important because you will be under legal backing to seek for free replacement or repairs incase the product gets damaged before the stipulated warranty period has elapsed. Usually, companies that have confidence in their product would give a longer warranty; let’s say between 3 and 5 years. However, don’t get overly too excited about some online companies that sell their product for $2000 and provide a warranty of 10 years. It will be useless if you are not able to reach the company when your massage chair needs to be maintained or repaired.

How about the price of the chair?

price of the chair

Some customers believe the most expensive things are always the best quality things. While this may be true in some cases, it’s not all the time you get more quality when you pay more. Some products have exceptional qualities but are sold at very considerable prices while some others are expensive but not made with the best of materials. Whenever you want to buy a massage chair, know your budget and do not try to spend above your means. You also have to focus on the features of the massage chair and not on the price. This will help you select the most ideal one and be happy with your purchase.

On a final note, the brand of a massage chair equally matters. When buying a massage chair, look at the product and see whether they have been in business for a long period of time and whether customers have positive reviews about other products they have. You need to be very skeptical about a massage chair designed by a new manufacture with little or no prior experience in the industry. If you have to buy from such manufacturer, ensure that their product already has good customer reviews and high ratings from customers who have actually used the product. This will give you a little assurance that you are getting the most ideal massage chair for your relaxation and overall comfort.

You can find Massage Chair Reviews online at MasageChairsExpert.com.

Tips on How to Use Massage Chair Effectively

One of the modern healthy devices of the home is a massage chair. However, if you do not know how to use the massage chair properly, it will cause some opposite effects. Today, I am glad to share with you top 4 tips on how to use massage machine effectively.

best massage chair

How to select a right Massage Chair

First and foremost, to use a massage chair effectively, you should choose the chair that is suitable and comfortable for your body parts. Just sit on the chair and get the feeling of it. A small or big massage chair cannot offer your body parts the comfort and relaxation as you desire. Some massage chairs may provide the adjustable parts function that meets particular person’s requirements. Here are some general functions to pay attention on when searching for a massage chair:

  • Kneading Massage
  • Heat Therapy
  • Auto programs
  • Footrest Extension
  • Music-Massage Synchronization

What groups of people should exercise caution when using a massage chair?

Massage chairs only help you feel relaxing in a certain time. So you should not be use massage chair continuously and abuse it. Some groups of people who should exercise caution when using a massage chair are below:

  • People with heart disease absolutely do not use this chair;
  • People with infections or skin wounds, sprains should avoid using massage chair;
  • Be careful in case of medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, gout and so on.

The harmful effects of abusing massage chair do not appear immediately for the user to identify. So, to avoid adverse effects, you should not use massage chair continuously over 30 minutes each time and more than 2 times per day.

Massage Chairs offer so many benefits you should know

After a long working day, an appropriate kneading massage is a great way to relax. It is reason why people are searching for a variety of brands to buy different kinds of massage chairs.

Massage chair uses the mechanical rolling strength and the mechanical squeezing strength to perform a massage. Massage chair offer a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are enhancing blood flow, keeping the body’s yin and yang balance. As a result, a massage chair may help muscles feel relaxed, improve joint flexibility and reduce fatigue. Massage chair really plays an important role in ensuring good health. For most people, a massage can boost the body’s immunity, natural resistance to disease, so the health can become better.

The fatigued bodies need Massage Chairs

Whether you are feeling pain somewhere or you are tired of working too hard, a massage chair can help you relax and refresh by offering a variety of benefits:

  • Improving venous and lymphatic flow
  • Decreasing muscle pain and tension
  • Improving flexibility
  • Increasing endorphin levels
  • Alleviating back pain
  • Relieving emotional stress

Taking care of the elderly

With old age, the health of the elderly is increasingly deteriorating. Massage chair is a good way to care for the older people’s health. The important benefits of the elderly addressed in chair massage consist of:

  • Boosting stability and mobility to avoid falls
  • Lowering chronic pain
  • Enhancing blood circulation
  • Improving relaxation and sleeping quality
  • Increasing morale and enjoyment of daily activities

Showing the gratefulness to your parents

Massage chair can be a great gift that you can present your parents because parents have worked too hard all their lives to bring you up.   You are getting more mature, your parents’ health is increasingly weak. For this reason, buying a massage chair for your parents not only makes their health better but also expresses the filial love to your parents.

Need some advices of medical professionals

You should check the warranty of the chair and the conditions attached. A standard warranty should include both components of equipment and working efficiency of the chair. And finally, if you are looking to buy health equipment like massage chair, you should consult your doctor. You need to be sure your health condition is not bound by certain limits or duration of massage styles.

Massage chairs can be beneficial in so many areas of our lives. For fitness, for health, for caring the elderly and parents, so why don’t you own a massage chair in your own home?

Guide to buying a comfortable masage chair

Massage Chair Advantages

We acknowledge that investing in a massage chair costs you a big amount of money, and we totally agree that you should spend a lot of time on studying before deciding whether or not a massage chair is right for you. We also recognize that you are going to give a lot of thought to the good massage chair, so we will try our best to explain the reason why your decision to buy a massage chair is the best one you’ve ever made.

Massage Chair Advantages
Massage Chair Advantages

First of all, one key to remember when purchasing a massage chair is the opportunity cost. If you don’t own a massage chair, you have to go to a massage therapist or a masseuse. Then the total costs you have to pay for an hour of traditional massage include transportation cost and service cost. It will range from $50 to $300+. In order to receive the same benefits of massage, you have to pay for many times of traveling in a month. Moreover, the gasoline price becomes increasingly expensive, the traffic jam also waste your time. So, if you have the massage chair in your own home, you save such types of cost and get return on your investment of purchasing in one year.

If you are wondering whether or not you need a massage chair in your own home, think about how convenient a massage chair could be. If you want a massage once a week, twice a week or several times a week, owning a massage chair means you can plan your own schedule. You can feel comfortable, reduce the stress and improve the health whenever you want.

Mostly, whenever thinking of a massage chair, your well-being is a top priority. Massage not only exercises and stretches your weak, tight or atrophied muscles but also relieves tension. Moreover, some experts say that massage helps lessen depression, relieve migraine pain, lower high blood pressure, and increase joint flexibility and so on. You have to invest a big amount of money on a massage chair; therefore you should study carefully that is why our website was born to help you step by step to make a final decision of your purchase.


Investing in an advanced massage chair will be one of your biggest investments. Similar to other products, the higher price is equivalent to additional functions. In general, with $3,000 and $6,000, you can buy a qualified massage chair.

When you choose the massage chair for your home, consider its price because price is major factor that influence what you achieve from that massage chair. While a low-end chair may be affordable and appear more attractive because its price is low, it will also have notably less features than an advanced one.

Price is the most important factor in your choice. So, we always try our best to look for the knowledge and information so that you can make the best choice. Therefore, massage chair will become integral part of your life, which allows you to relax whenever you want, offer a wide variety of features you need in the long run.


Massage Functions: There are two basic types of massage chairs: low-end massage chairs and high-end massage chairs. Low-end massage chairs are usually cheap and offer standard features such as simple vibration and rolling massage. Otherwise, high-end massage chairs offer different levels of massage intensity (speed) and a large number of features for the back or the footrest to help you to put your body at ease. Here are some noticeable styles a high-end chairs offer: vibration; rolling; tapping; clapping; kneading; shiatsu, and especially functions like zero gravity and inversion therapy.

Massage Positions: All massage chairs have different massage positions. Beside back massage, the good massage chair usually provides leg and foot massage and some chairs also have neck, back and waist massage. A thumb-like massage is included in some high-end massage chairs, which closely reproduces the feeling of human hands.

Massage Rollers: One key to remember when purchasing a massage chair is the range of the rollers. Most massage chairs that are made today are made up of 2D massage roller technology in which the roller can go up and down the massage track, and customize the width. Otherwise, 3D massage roller can do what the 2D roller can do, but it also can go in and out giving it an extra relaxation.

Massage Airbags: The primary function of airbags is to put your body part in pressure. When you’ve tried out a massage chair, you’ve likely massage the foot and calf. This is generally the most common airbag set on many chairs. Inflated air bags work to compress your muscles in the same way that a massage therapist or a masseuse would. Air bags help enhance blood circulation and alleviate stress by transferring air to small bags in the back, leg and sides of your chair. The more airbags a Massage Chair has, the better the overall massage will be.

Recline Function: This function not only provides you greater massage but also enhances the advantages of your massage chair. Many recline options are available in high-end massage chairs. Especially, Zero Gravity is one of the best recline options, by which you will experience the feeling of weightlessness as an astronauts in space. The idea of zero gravity is fairly new and offers many benefits: decompress the spine, decrease the muscle tension and improve the circulation in the legs.

Massage Power:  The strength of your massage depends on the number of chair’s motors. It means that the higher number of motors, the stronger the massage chair is. When you become familiar to the massage chair, you can change the power of your massage accordingly to meet your requirement. Different options of the strength will make your massage chair more useful in the long run. You also can remove the padding of some massage chairs to customize the power of your massage.

Massage Programs: Most massage chairs allow you to select massage program at first, in which you can choose specific time to massage particular parts of your body. Even more advanced chairs allow you to select body-mapping feature which can adjust massage level for each parts of your body after testing their reactions.

Chair Upholstery: There are two kinds of massage chair’s leather: genuine leather and synthetic fabrics. It depends on the movement and the heat that your massage chair emits every day. Most high-end massage chair is made of synthetic fabrics because they are designed to ensure your chair to resist the heat and operate fluently and effectively in the long run.


Because your massage has a large number of features, it also needs the repairs in some rare situation and the maintenance after a certain time of using. One important tip when you buy your massage chair is considering its warranty types and length that you expect from the Manufacturer. So, in your search of your massage chair, you should prioritize the suppliers who provide good warranties.

Your Purchase

Some basic things you have to remember when you choose your massage chair. Firstly, you should test the width of your doorway to ensure your massage chair can go through it. Secondly, your massage chair occupies a large space of your room, so choose the massage chair you think it can be placed comfortably in your room of selection? Last but not least, before buying the massage chair, ask yourself whether the massage chair’s components can be taken off easily for movement and installation? These are three important questions you should take into account when buying your massage chair. If your answer is “no” to all of these questions, it will possibly makes your chair more inconvenient to use.

In order to avoid any undesirable wound or pain, you should ask a doctor before using your massage chair just in case you have any special inherent health problems.

The amount of money you pay for a massage chair is similar to pay for a car. So, before making a decision, check out all of articles in this website and make sure that the massage chairs you’ve selected meet your requirements. If you find anything unclear, or you want more elaboration on this, so give a comment. We will try to answer all of them!

Tips on How to Choose the Best Massage Chairs

Massage Chair can be a big investment, studying it carefully before purchasing is really important. When thinking about purchasing a massage chair, each person will have different needs and financial abilities. Here are some important tips when selecting the best massage chair for you:

  1. The prices of massage chairs are very different, usually ranging from $1.000 to $7.000. A massage chair is quite expensive to buy. The fact is that higher price is generally the equivalent of a higher quality, but the massage chair is not always so. Users should not rely on price to judge quality of a massage chair because they will not use all functions of the expensive one. So, the problem here is finding a suitable massage chair at a reasonable price.
  2. Massage chairs should be made of genuine leather 100% made in England (made in UK). Since England is famous country in the world in term of high-qualified leather, it has been used in cars like Rolls – Royce, Bentley.
Choose The Best Massage Chairs
Relaxing Time With Massage Chairs

If the seat of massage chair is made of leatherette (synthetic leather), the layer of leatherette will flake off after a short time. So, the chair looks really bad and it costs you some money to replace the new leatherette. Leather which is produced in England is beautiful. Genuine leather remains forever and will make the exterior of your chair always durable and luxurious. When shopping, remember to ask the sells to provide a Certificate of Origin in England.

Genuine leather has a distinct aroma of leather (such as leather shoes, leather handbags). If you touch or stretch the genuine leather, it will not go slack. Whereas leatherette is made of plastic, it will go slack when stretching. In other way, if you fire the leatherette, the surface will burn and twist.

  1. The most modern massage chair in the world is now controlled massage functions by using mobile phone. This is the latest massage chair by which all of massage types are controlled by the mobile phone. So, it is really comfortable and unique. Instead of using the control panel with the wiring, mobile phone control is simple and easy to use.
  2. When choosing a massage chair, you should research carefully massage chair brand and buy a product of age-old and reputable company in massage industry in the world. You can look for on the internet by typing searching words: “luxurious massage chair”, “massage chair reviews”, “best massage chair”, “portable massage chair”. You should read as many massage chair reviews as you can and massagechairsexpert.com is perfect for this. It is also the best choice because it provides you huge knowledge of choosing and using your own massage chair from the start.
  3. Be careful with strange brands because massage chairs are high-tech products, therefore accessories and repair and maintenance techniques are extremely important. Many new brands just has some sample products for sale, each sample has only one product but doesn’t has available parts for repairs and maintenance. Only well-known companies which are specializing in massage will import the large number of massage chairs and ensure good warranty and always have available accessories for repair and maintenance. Some leading brands of massage chair are Panasonic, Sanyo, Inada, Omega, Osaki, iComfort and so on.
  4. Go online or visit all of the shops in your region. Amazon is well-known website to shop around. Some users love shopping in their area because they can take the chance of testing different massage chairs and asking questions. Moreover, it is convenient for users to have the local shop repair and maintain their massage chair periodically.
  5. Most massage chairs are designed for people with average height of 3 feet 11¼ inches to 6 feet 6inches. Before purchasing, users should try to use the massage chair to ensure your neck and head can also be massaged and try to control flexible parts of seat if feeling uncomfortable when sitting. One thing to remember is checking the height of the seat to see whether it is comfortable or not. Some are not high enough from the floor, so it will be inconvenient for tall people or people who have knee, hip or back sore. However, some types of massage chairs are designed to automatically adjust to suit the height by sensing the position of the two shoulders of the users.

Top 10 best massage chair reviews

We wish you will be lucky when shopping for your own massage chair and if you are satisfied with it, please share your experience with us.