Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About TENS Unit

Top 10 FAQ about TENS Unit

Acute pain and chronic pain is certainly one of the common problems which are faced by one and all. Given that reason, there have been numerous devices which have invented which solve the problem of pain giving the instant relief to the wearer. Professional TENS unit reviews proves that TENS Unit provides one of the best possible relief from pain causing problems. Since TENS unit is certainly one of the new technology, so there are certainly some of the queries which comes into the minds of the wearer. Here are certain commonly asked FAQ concerning TENS Unit.

1. What is TENS Unit?

TENS for painOne of the devices using electrotherapy as effective solutions for pain giving small doses of electric current to provide natural pain relief is TENS Unit. The machine is a small electronic device which delivers current with the help of electrodes placed on the skin and unlike pain killing drugs; it only affects the area which is causing the pain.

This unit is easy to use and provide quick relief from various pain causing problems. TENS unit sends impulses to the pain causing areas reducing or eliminating the pain which the patients feels.

2. How do TENS Units function?

With the help of electrical device, electrical impulses are transmitted to the surface of the skin. The unit with the help of electrode pads is connected to the pain causing surface of the ski. The units are available in various ranges and size in amount of power output. Some of them are small and powered by battery and can be hand held while others are big sometimes even desktop-sized. The unit can be given in both high and low frequency based on the intensity of the pain.

3. How are TENS machines used, and by whom?

TENS Machine can only be used on the advice of a doctor or health professional. They are certainly suitable for all types of pain conditions. TENS machines are used for people who suffer from musculoskeletal pain such as knee joint arthritis and back pain. In fact they are also used for pain relief in the various early stages of labor. There are common uses which include period pains, sports injuries and migraine headaches.

TENS machine can also be combined with other forms of treatment and might allow the reduction of painkilling medicines.

TENS unit for back pain

4. Can TENS Machine be used by everybody?

TENS machine helps to reduce pain from various muscles, nerves as well as joints. They work better for these problems rather than for chest, tummy or head problems. There are no side effects of using TENS Unit. However it should not be used without knowing the cause of pain or for pregnancy (except in labor) or pacemaker.

5. How effective are TENS machines?

There are two theories on which the success rate of the TENS unit depends. One is the gateway theory where electrical stimulation blocks pain which is effectively to the nerve endings.

The second theory is the one is the Endorphin- release theory. Here the electrical currents help to release endorphins which help the body’s nerve system to fight pain. The best possible relief from neck and back pain is provided by this theory without the prescription of any types of drugs.

6. How do I use a TENS unit?

Test the battery whether they are full charged. Operate the two control knobs and turn them off before using. Clean the place where the electrode will be placed and apply a thin coat of gel to the bottom of each electrode. Attach the electrode to your skin with the help of medical tape. Hook the pin connectors of the electrode wires to the electrode and then insert the wires into the TENS Unit. Turn the control knob to the correct settings, after which you should feel a tingling sensation. Place the TENS Unit in your belt and pocket.

7. When should one NOT use a TENS unit?

If one has a pacemaker implanted then it is certainly not advisable to use TENS Unit. Moreover this also should not be used by pregnant women and also by people who have a physiologic cause for the pain which is being experienced.

In case of chronic pain, it is advisable to consult a doctor before the treating the patients to the areas of pain before or after effectively using electrical stimulation in the various painful area.

8. How Long Can I Wear The TENS For?

One of the problems encountered in the medical field is that when a patient is told to use the TENS Unit for one hour and then off. That is not correct as it causes problem. TENS Unit can be used all the time right from sitting down, to trying to get a sleep at night to also various exercises like golfing and aerobics. If the pain return after turning it off then one should switch it back on. In short this machine can be used 24×7.

9. What should I do after the TENS treatment?

Turn the control knobs to the off position and unplug the electrode from the TENS Unit. You can leave the electrodes on your skin if you have a treatment soon. Clean the electrode properly with soap and water.

Remove the battery and place a charged one instead. Charge the battery which has been used.

10. Can I Take Other Medicines At The Same Time To Ease My Pain?

TENS Unit does not interfere with any other sort of medication which you may be taking for controlling pain. However after prolonged use of the TENS Machine, you may not need those pain killers and medications. Keep in touch with your doctor for a safe and proper treatment.

A proper TENS Unit comes with everything needed to start the kit for immediate use like electrode pads, lead wires, and a battery of 9 volt with the timer and instruction manual. Bring home a TENS Unit and get relief from pain.

TENS Unit – A Overview For Beginner

What is TENS?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a kind of massage machine using electric current with low frequency to treat disease, especially pains. On the market nowadays, TENS is produced and sold with various designs and lines that make customers confusing while making decision. This redaction will tell more about TENS product, way it works and its influence, thus helping you to choose TENS product wisely.

What is a TENS machineBefore knowing about TENS, let find out what low frequency is and how it impacts to our body. Inside our body, there are always existent of electric currents. Heart, brain, muscle, nerve and other organs, all of them radiate electric current but it is too weak to feel. In medicine, they were called “nerve-action current”. The nerve-action currents play an important role for operating function of the body. The lack of them is one of reasons that make our body to be tired, asthenic and imbalance and TENS’s work is to offset the lack of these currents in the body.

How does a TENS machine work?

TENS includes one machine which controlling voltage and electrodes. Electrodes is place at surface of user’s body depend on location of their pain. The current is traveled from anode (main machine) to cathode (electrodes), move into skin with purpose to stimulating specific nerve pathways to create pulses as well as massaging sensation. These currents move among anode and cathode mutually to modulate nerve-action currents, rebuilding the balance in user’s body. These pulses have influent to prevent the transmission of pain signal to brain by leading electric currents to pain area, stimulating our body to produce “Endorphin” as know as pain-killer. Also, it has another effect that helping muscle stretchy. This process helps muscles to be relaxed and increase pumping blood flow move to and contrarily. It was repeated again and again to stimulating the circulation of blood and supporting the body to reduce the pain.

TENS unit

TENS therapy was developed based on the “Gate Control Theory” that was researched and developed by Melzack and Wall. In their research, they realize that electricity plays an important part in reducing pain. The first practical test based on “Gate Control Theory” was conducted by Dr. Chris Wells. He state: “A TENS ….. is low intensity ….it doesn’t hurt and produces just a tingling sensation and a high frequency stimulation and is about 100 times per second”. This state is a positive signal and it is a first step for the development of TENS. TENS therapy is considered as a safe, noninvasive and free-drug treatment method. It is not only used to remove the pain but also used to prevent muscle atrophy and mend muscle after surgeries. Also it improve healing ability in injures and many other kind of pain. With modern and effective treatment method, TENS is become a popular product that is used by hundreds of millions of customer for the pain treatment. With same reason, almost doctor, nurse recommend that patients should to use TENS for the pain treatment. Recently, TENS therapy is widely used in the Americas and Europe for acute and chronic pain, acute pain from sports, labor, daily routine and arthritis…etc..