My name is Ann Hoelscher. I am always looking for new experiences and I’m attracted to some crazy adventures. I “blame” my wonderful nomadic childhood when I lived in Malaysia, Iran and Poland before reaching the age of 10! The race on the trails in the Rockies, marathons, or sailing around the world will surely catch my attention!
Favorite sport: Swimming. Bike. Race. Dance.
I studied to be a doctor, and I am immensely passionate about improving health. I completed a BA in physiology and history of medicine before my medical training. I also run my own clinical weight management and health, The Health Club. I am determined to help others live a healthier life!

This blog is the place where I share my passion about sport and outdoor activities, as well as some health issues and new technology and electronics (my new hobby).

If you are in my blog now, I am very happy that we can share and exchange information with each other. Do not hesitate to comment and feedback to me. Enjoy reading!

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