The 5 Keys of an open efficient kitchen

The open kitchen is on the rise! Useful thanks to its space-saving and attractiveness with its modernity, it is attracting more and more. But also the open kitchen is not necessarily aesthetic. The architect Manuel Sequeira gives us his tips to develop an open kitchen full of style and elegance.

How best to integrate the kitchen to the living? The stay in an alcove, set up in the island, hide in a cabinet or behind a counter: our ideas in images and words, with the help of the architect Manuel Sequeira.

1. Building on the kitchen island

With single cabinet or multifunction block (with sink, hob, map snack …), you can create the transition between the kitchen and the rest of the space.

According to the opinion of the expert Manuel Sequeira: “The island is especially interesting in a large room. You can quickly fill the space To lighten it, you play on volumes and mix materials. Why not a long and narrow model? A depth of 45 cm issufficient. “

The preferred model of Manuel Sequeira: “withdrawal Plinth lighten the volume. In addition, they are the same color as the floor.. It looks like the furniture is suspended

An open kitchen all in one: Signed Varenna, the new series “Phoenix” is characterized by its clean lines and fine, without handles. Here, an island in matt lacquer with a stainless steel worktop superfine (6 mm).

An open kitchen XS Version: This compact island (130 x 90 cm) consists of two chambers leaning against furniture, plywood painted in green and Celadon raw slices. The melamine worktops are covered with plaster stone effect. The entire kitchen has been designed and manufactured by Thibaut Joannon

An open kitchen multifunction: Solid oak knots, the “Anglet” model Kitchens Philippe concentrates all functions, almost, in the island designed L: washing, cooking and storage. The fine anthracite granite worktop is topped by a plan in laminated oak sawn natural colors, creating a snack area.

2. Play the card of the kitchen that blends into the decor

The opinion of the expert Manuel Sequeira: “To blend in, the kitchen abandons the traditional codes: wall cabinets,baseboards … In place of handles, I use the system grows / loose except among those with young children as it is not super robust so I opted instead for integrated handles form grooves. they create a drawing, horizontal and vertical lines like a table in the living room. “

The model Rather Manuel de Sequeira: “The kitchen in varnished oak is perfect, except for one detail: the mixer A telescopic model would have been more appropriate..”

An open kitchen in sham: the decoration store The House Designers Collection in La Roche-sur-Yon, Marie and FrancoisBoury designed a varnished oak kitchen comprising base units and a hanging wall cupboards which horizontal grooves are aesthetic: it is actually full height doors opening by pressure. They conceal appliances.

An open kitchen alcove: In the small apartment, the architects of the agency A + B Kasha have customized achieve a compact and discreet kitchen, matt white lacquered MDF anthracite and granite. The hood fits into a formwork and small appliances hides in a closet fitted with a conventional door that creates surprise (left in photo).

An open air kitchen: In oak veneer, the model “SE 4004” SieMatic is chic and discreet. Modular shelves attached to the wall panels are the link between kitchen and living (“Floating Spaces” system).

3. Dare the difference to your kitchen

Surprising, these bespoke kitchens created are not less functional. Everything is hidden, almost.

The opinion of the expert Manuel Sequeira: “The challenge for an open kitchen, is precisely not to do too much. It must be designed as a lounge furniture. Traditional furnishings (wall units /.. low furniture) is not appropriate. ”

The preferred model of Manuel Sequeira: “This greenhouse is a fabulous idea .Beware of cooking fats: owners should probably often clean the windows.”

An open mind shack cuisine: a garden greenhouse to house the kitchen, that’s the idea of Gregory Lafforest. The interior designer has integrated low standard storage modules (Ikea) and a sink; Other facilities are located in the back kitchen, a small house covered with paneling built against the greenhouse. 

An open kitchen arch: Along three walls, two input side wall unit that serves both as a dressing room, kitchen and buffet. To reach the desired depth, the architect Manuel Sequeira intersected Ikea boxes. The facades are made from particle board black wood effect (“TingsrydIkea), the sideboard is made of white tiles (Porcelanosa).

Clash of times for this kitchen: Industrial Style and nineteenth apartment, it works! The challenge for the agency Nido, author of the project: to integrate the kitchen into a large entrance. No wall units, but that hides a counter on one side of storage and a gas cooker, the other banquettes alcove how American diner.

4. Separate the space without partitioning

To prevent odors from cooking and the view of the dirty dishes while maintaining the volume of the stay, we opt for a smooth separation: Shop glass roof, wall or sliding door hatch.

The opinion of the expert Manuel Sequeira. “In general, I am not a fan of solutions lackluster If we open the kitchen, so assume to hide the clutter, you can choose an island of a height of one meter, which will screen. ”

The preferred model of Manuel Sequeira: “The sliding doors are a good way to hide just enough; we play with the leaves to modulate the space as needed the same color as the kitchen, these. create a beautiful effect of depth. ”

Flexible space for the kitchen: To separate the areas MLC design interior architecture agency chose brick partition doors tell that fit into the thickness of the partition (Scrigno). Painted anthracite, they echo the kitchen (model “Clarified” glossy acrylic, Darty). 

Open kitchen with view: In this living through, no way impede the natural light. To delimit the kitchen, the architect Philippe Demougeot chose a matte black wooden canopy attached to a wall. Note the absence of wall units for more discretion. 

An open kitchen halfway up Lapeyre Designed by the star chef Frédéric Anton, antitraces this kitchen in stainless steel, quartz and black lacquered glass is sober and functional. A low wall topped by a quartz plate made hatch office and marks the border with the stay.

5. Hiding open kitchen

Housed in cabinets, these ultra-compact kitchens are incognito once the doors closed.

The opinion of the expert Manuel Sequeira. “Just a few years there are small a kitchen because it was warm and atypical Today, with soaring prices per square meter, it is becoming over the solution to the lack of space. Some are so bold choice to lock in a kitchen cabinet. It is very beautiful, but not practical in everyday life. To be reserved for those who cook little. ”

The preferred model of Manuel Sequeira: “Retractable oak doors are beautiful and the kitchen looks rather functional and simple.”

An open kitchen origami: Designed by architect Olivier Chabaud, this solid oak furniture has two doors that, when folded, retract to reveal a matt white lacquered kitchen with matt black mosaic backsplash. From either side of the cabinet hides a refrigerator and storage space. 

An open kitchen in weightlessness: In this immaculate loft, architect Aude Soulain create a wall mounted modular kitchen “On-Off” by Boffi in matte white lacquered melamine panels, “a beautiful object a little UFO”. A motorized folding door reveals the worktop and cooking. When it is closed, the kitchen becomes imperceptible. The furniture in plan and columns, equipped with doors “push / pull” camouflaged storage appliances. 

An open kitchen cupboard so: Glass satin color lacquered ash and black, “Twenty” from Modulnova is equipped with retractable doors. Open, they are embedded in both sides of the furniture to reveal the kitchen. The end worktop andsplashback are oak.


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