10 inevitable things when camping

If you like camping, check out these 10 tips to make your experience be the best.
Summer is coming and this is also the time that you are on the holidays. Many people will be devoted to rest at home and others go camping. With the scout group, with the family or just with friends get away from the busy, the crowd in the city, let’s enjoy nature and fill yourselves with energy.

If you are junior on this experience, we do not want anything bad to happen to you while you’re camping. So we show you 10 things you can not miss when you go camping.


1. Not to be missed:


You should always bring a map, a compass and a GPS (the latter is optional). We know that today there are so many modern phones that have this included, but we also know that the battery is limited so in times of trouble, you better be prepared with a good map and a real compass.

2. Sunscreen:

UV radiation is more dangerous every day, especially when  there is a large hole on the ozone layer, so you always have to have sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses.

3. Clothing:

Even if you go to a very hot place, the weather is very changeable, and it’s always good to bring a jacket, warm pants and gloves.

4. Lighting:


It’s nice to see the stars in complete darkness, but also need flashlights, both to set up the tent at night, look for clothing, etc. If you can, bring front headlight, and you should bring extra batteries if they use this energy source.

5. First Aid:

A kit should never miss in your expeditions, must wear gauze, bandages patch, cotton, needle, scissors, hydrogen peroxide, Popsicle sticks and if you need some medicine, take it as well. Health first.

6. Bonfire:

To light the fire, in order not to provoke fire unexpectedly, you must take a flint, matches or a lighter.

7. Repair:

You must have a knife (hopefully a Swiss Army knife) and some essential tools like a hammer, especially to set up the tent.

8. Food:


You must properly nourish every day, to not falter in the walks. Make a previous menu and takes nuts, cereal bars and fruit.

9. Hydration:

You should always have handy water, that leads to bottles or hydration system, and if you go near a river, carrying water filter or other treatment system so you never run out of the vital element.

10. Refuge:

A tent, sleeping bags, reflective blanket are needed to sleep without getting cold.

How to have a smoothly camping

If you are spending a few days relaxing at camp, keep in mind these tips to camp without problems.

Camping Tips

the holiday, it must be deconstructed and be more flexible. While it is important to have time to relax and fill up again energy for work after holidays, we must not exclude the chance of playing and new adventures that may arise, such as the camping.

In those days you have to completely forget about work, disconnect the phone (or at least not to attend work-related calls), and not checking email. The purpose of the holiday should be just relax and have fun.
If the idea of this vacation is camping, the following tips for camping will be very useful for a quiet, fun and unforgettable days.

Tips for camping smoothly


  • For camping, you always have to do it in daylight, so unpleasant and set up the tent on an anthill avoid surprises.
  • The target area must be firm, flat and slightly high, so that rain water does not stagnate in it.
  • All stinging insects breed in water, so it is recommended to set up camp about 100 meters away from water such as a river, lake, and stream.
  • There is a need to place a mat at the door of the tent, thus you can clean your feet before entering and not fill it with dirt or sand.
  • The tent must be located correctly that the heads of people are always at a greater height than that of the feet.
  • When camping, you must take into account the venue to prepare the fire, it should be where the wind can not smoke the tent.
  • Try to reduce washing flatware as much as possible, meals are ideally ham and cheese sandwiches or hamburgers.
  • Never forget the first aid kit, even if the camp is only one night.

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