Guide to buy the best Smart Watch

If you want to buy a Smart Watch but not know which to choose, this guide will explain everything you need to know about smart watches. What it is, what prices are and what features to look for.
What should I look for when choosing a Smart Watch?



It seems obvious. But watch always go with your wrist and will be very visible (unlike your smartphone). So you should feel very comfortable with it and its style.

Box / Sphere.

The first wave of smart watches was typically square or rectangular box. However, models like the Moto 360 or LG G Watch R has circular and look very trendy. look like a classic watch or not. There is nothing better or worse, it’s just a matter of taste.

The belt.

Some bracelets are interchangeable while others aren’t. They can have one color or many. Metal, leather, plastic or silicone. It is also preferred depending on users’ taste.

Crown or buttons.


In this case, there is a convenience but both aesthetic matters. Sometimes the frontal or side has one button to turn on the screen but what position you find most comfortable with? There are also watches with no physical button.


These watches are usually big. So buying one without showing it is quite impossible. Try it and see if the size, thickness and weight are suitable for you.


You may be surprised if pass something as subjective as the design such as a technical section or the operating system. But it’s very important. As with smartphones, the operating system clock will determine what we can do with it. Since not all of them have the same applications or compatibility. These are the main systems:

    Android Wear.


Google’s mobile platform also has its version for watches. Although it has just appeared over a year , and has been adopted by some of the leading brands of smartwatches (Sony, LG, Motorola). The main advantage is backed by Google, which claims to have a wide range of applications is constantly growing. The drawback is that it is only compatible with Android smartphones and it must be version 4.3 or higher.


It is the operating system used by Samsung smart watches, the Galaxy Gear. It is a system that feels more mature and better  than Android, because it appeared a year earlier. But it has a huge drawback: Samsung watches are only compatible with smartphones Samsung (not with all models). This could reduce their selection of applications, which ultimately did not grow as much as Android.

Notice: Samsung has also introduced a watch model with Android (the Gear Live).

OS watch


It is the system that uses Apple Watch. All the details are not known, since the clock Apple has not yet reached the market. But we know that it will only be compatible with iPhone 5 and later models (5c 5s and 6). So it will not be an option for users with Android phones.

Sensors and benefits

Although many watches look alike and have the same operating system, what we can do with it also will depend largely on sensors and other features that incorporate. If you do not need, no need to consider that. But it is good to know that there are models which include and others not.

    Heart rate meter.

Essential for health and fitness applications. It is common, but there are reference watches that do not include it.

    Speakers and / or microphone.

You’ll need them if you want to make or take a call through watch.


Incredibly, some watches have  their own photos camera (the lens is on the side or belt). It is common in Samsung.

    Waterproof and dust.

Most are, but it is worth checking.

    3G / WiFi.

It is rare, but there is a watch that incorporates 3G. And it is not excluded that in the future will incorporate with WiFi. That would allow using without relying on mobile. Although, as we say, it is a very unusual feature.


Some watches incorporate a GPS themselves, so you do not need your mobile phone to record our (suitable for health) position. Based on the features of Android Wear, it is expected in the future the watches have GPS itself.



The screen is another factor to consider. On the one hand, it is important that the watch can be seen even in sunlight. Furthermore, the resolution will dictate the definition with which we can view text and images. The screen also affects the battery life.

The most common screens are:

Electronic ink.


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